The important things you didn't learn at school

Education is getting better and better for our kids, but we're still not teaching the most important lessons at school: budgeting, investments, buying a home, understanding your identity and emotions, building strong relationships, finding meaning at work and living a fulfilling life. But even as adults, many of us still haven't learned these things. 

We created the Purpose Academy so that everyone has access to learn the most important skills and lessons in life regarding their life and financial decisions. It's an online library and a collaborative learning community for anyone who's hungry to learn!

Get Free Access!

We offer Purpose Academy membership free of charge in the hope it will empower you, so that you can share the love with others. It's all part of how we give back.

Empowering You


Live Workshops & Masterclasses

  • We host monthly Workshops on a range of topics related to wealth creation, life management and purpose discovery
  • We hold a number of deep dive Masterclasses and a weekend Retreats, available only to our Purpose Academy members


Online Learning Portal

Can't make it to our live events? We host all of our learning content online at, where you can wok through each topic in your own time. Sign up for unlimited acccess to our online content and for discounts off all our regular live events.

PAA Learning Community

Collaborative Online Community

Visitors and members are invited to take part in our online learning community. We host insights, Q&A and networking connection for the like-minded looking to live more fulfilled lives.

Upcoming Events

See a list of upcoming events on our Facebook page

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Group Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Dive in to an intensive and life changing 2-day experience to set you up for success.


Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Work one-to-one with us to get expert assistance where and how you need it.


Personal Advice

Personal Coaching

Personal Advice

Let us advise you on exactly what best to do with your wealth creation and risk management.

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