Starting Out With Us

Intro Packages


We combine our advice and coaching services into pre-made Intro Packages designed to get you on track towards your goals. Our packages include multiple sessions and typically span a number of months, walking each step with you.

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A La Carte Menu


Choose your own adventure with one or your own combination of our many bite-sized services. We've designed a menu of potent advice and coaching sessions, which each target specific outcomes to help your work towards the fulfilled life. 

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Personal Coaching

A great coach helps you to make complex decisions and to get better results.  We focus on empowering our clients to make their own decisions through offering education, tools, accountability and by asking powerful questions at the right time.

We've devised a range of one-off coaching and education sessions covering a variety of important life and financial topics.

"Coaching" is not "Advice"

We offer bother financial advice and coaching, but there's an important difference between the two.

As an adviser, we assess your precise situation, needs & goals and deliver recommendations on what we believe you should do. This includes recommendations of specific financial products and strategies which will suit you.

As a coach, we don't make recommendations. We instead focus on educating you with skills, financial insight, practical tools and we pose powerful questions which help you to take decisive action in the areas of your life that matter.

Important: Coaching is not advice. We use coaching and advice along side each other in our packages, however if you want someone to tell you exactly what you should do and/or get us to "sort things out" for you, you should consider some of our advice services.


Coaching Session Prework

Prior to each coaching session you will be required to complete some detailed prework. This will usually involve completing a prework survey, reading/watching some educational information and possibly completing  one of our coaching tools. It’s imperative that you complete your prework before each coaching session as we will reference your prework in the material we discuss with you.

Ongoing Support

Each of our coaching session aims to achieve specific objectives which we state and agree to in advance with you. We give you the skills, tools and information you'll need to take action for yourself. However many of our clients desire ongoing support from us to help them stick with their new habits and to continue to progress. 

We offer a number of ongoing mentoring services for working with our clients long term, including cashflow mentoring, financial mentoring and life mentoring. You can read more about our mentoring services here.

Personal Financial Advice

Some parts of your finances are sufficiently complex, or you might just feel so time-poor, that you would prefer us to just tell you exactly what best to do and to help you do it. In these cases we can provide formal "Financial Advice".

Financial advice is a regulated service

In Australia there are strict rules about what counts as financial advice, who can give it and how it has to be given. The recent Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Services has made it clear that the financial advice industry still has many issues to address in how we give advice. Our approach at Purpose Advisory is to set up our own strict compliance procedures to make sure that you as the client are fully informed about how we develop your advice. We also make sure we are not incentivised to recommend anything other than what is in your best interest. That is why we choose not to take commissions from referral partners or product providers.

For more reading about what you need to know when seeking out financial advice, check out ASIC's Moneysmart website.

Our license to give advice

Tristan Scifo, Harry Goldberg and Purpose Advisory Pty Ltd are all licensed to offer financial advice in Australia through a non-bank-aligned licensing company called AVALONfs. Avalon supports a well-connected community of 50 advice practices who support one another in our quest to serve our clients. Avalon holds their Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) directly with ASIC (the financial planning regulator) and we are Authorised Representative under this license. This means that whenever we give advice, it is actually Avalon who is giving the advice, and we are acting as for you as their representative.

We choose to be licensed through AVALONfs because of the quality family-like community of their small group of fellow advisers, and because of the strong emphasis on policy, procedures and compliance which they focus on. In future, it's our objective to acquire our own AFSL so that we'll be licensed directly with ASIC. This will ultimately leave us more responsible and more in control of the services we offer our clients.

Types of advice we offer

Through our licencing arrangement with AVALONfs, we can provide advice in a range of areas, including:

  • Salary packaging
  • Debt management
  • Cashflow & budgeting
  • Strategic property advice
  • Investment strategies
  • Life insurance & Income protection
  • Superannuation
  • Family planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business advice
  • SMSF advice


Our Advice Process

We believe in taking the time to get things right for you the first time. Receiving advice is a process which spans a number of meetings and can last between 2 - 6 weeks:

  1. Education - Before we provide any advice to you, we first get you up to speed with what you need to know through our free to access Purpose Academy
  2. Strategy Meeting - we then work closely with you to explore and research your current situation, identify your goals and define the scope of the advice we'll be offering.
  3. Statement of Advice -  We then carry out further research and risk analysis on our recommendations, including thorough market comparisons on any products we recommend, to ensure we get you the most relevant outcome we can find for you. We document this in a Statement of Advice (SOA) which we send to you to read and digest.
  4. Action Meeting - We'll then meet with you again to discuss our advice and to address any questions or concerns you might have. Only when you agree and feel comfortable with proceeding will we assist you to implement our recommendations.

Intro Packages

Spare Change


Cashflow & Budgeting Support

Personalised coaching to relate better with money, gain clarity and confidence in managing and saving money, and design a plan that's automated, stress-free and works just right for you and your goals.

(Includes $550 in discounts)

Smashed Avo


Strategise for your next Property


Personalised coaching & advice to help you buy your next investment property or home. We educate and coach you through the process and connect you with a dream team of professionals you can trust.

(Includes $770 in discounts)

Fulfilment Plan


Whole-Life Planning & Wealth Creation

Personalised coaching & advice to help you clarify your future vision, budget better, up-skill on property, business and investments, and sort out your super, insurances and wealth creation plans.

(Includes $1,540 in discounts)


"Fulfilment Plan" Package

  • 1x Life Planning Coaching Session
  • Money Mindset Education
  • 1x Cashflow Coaching Session
  • Income Increase Education
  • Financial Advice on Wealth Creation (investments, super, insurances & other relevant topics)
  • Choose One: Property, Business or Shares Coaching


"Smashed Avo" Package

  •  Money Mindset Education 
  • 1x Cashflow Coaching Session
  • 1x Property Coaching Session
  • Financial Advice on Personal Insurances


"Spare Change" Package

  • Money Mindset Education
  • 1x Cashflow Coaching Session
  • 1x Follow-up Cashflow Coaching Session
  • Ongoing Cashflow Mentoring Support

A la Carte Menu

Alternatively, you might wish to design your own custom-built combination of advice & coaching services from our A la Carte Menu. We've crafted and honed a wide variety of sessions, each with specific tools, education modules and agendas to help you kick goals right across your personal and financial life. 

Download our PA Services Guide below for more details on our A la Carte Menu, or contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

You can read more information about our various services in our PA Services Guide and our Licensee's Financial Services Guide (FSG).