What is Coaching?

A great coach helps you to make complex decisions and to get better results.  We focus on empowering our clients to make their own decisions through offering education, tools, accountability and by asking powerful questions at the right time.

We've devised a range of one-off coaching and education sessions covering a variety of important life and financial topics.

"Coaching" is not "Advice"

We offer bother financial advice and coaching, but there's an important difference between the two.

As an adviser, we assess your precise situation, needs & goals and deliver recommendations on what we believe you should do. This includes recommendations of specific financial products and strategies which will suit you.

As a coach, we don't make recommendations. We instead focus on educating you with skills, financial insight, practical tools and we pose powerful questions which help you to take decisive action in the areas of your life that matter.

Important: Coaching is not advice. We use coaching and advice along side each other in our packages, however if you want someone to tell you exactly what you should do and/or get us to "sort things out" for you, you should consider some of our advice services.


Working with our Coaches

Who are our Coaches?

All of our coaches are highly skilled professionals. Because anyone can call themselves a coach, it's so vital for you to be sure your coach is exceptional at what they do, and that they are walking the walk. We employ a team of coaches who have been on their own voyage of personal discovery, become experts in human personality, successfully addressed many of their own limiting beliefs, and who have practical skills in financial management, health, business, and relationships.

Is there Coaching Session Prework?

Prior to each coaching session you will be required to complete some detailed prework. This will usually involve completing a prework survey, reading/watching some educational information and possibly completing  one of our coaching tools. It’s imperative that you complete your prework before each coaching session as we will reference your prework in the material we discuss with you.

Your Ongoing Support

Each of our coaching session aims to achieve specific objectives which we state and agree to in advance with you. We give you the skills, tools and information you'll need to take action for yourself. However many of our clients desire ongoing support from us to help them stick with their new habits and to continue to progress. 

We offer a number of ongoing mentoring services for working with our clients long term, including cashflow mentoring, financial mentoring and life mentoring. You can read more about our mentoring services here.

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