Our Ongoing Wealth Services

The best support we can offer you is to partner with you for the long haul as your trusted mentor. We offer ongoing mentoring services for your cashflow management, for your finances at large and also for your whole-of-life planning and management. You can choose to get us on board as a mentor at all three levels combined, or just in one area, as it best suits you.

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Cashflow Mentoring


Powerful cashflow analytics

Have your income, bills & purchases categorised, analysed and tracked against your budget by a simple-to-use and powerful automated app. We'll send you monthly cashflow reports to assist with your regular monthly cashflow check-ins, and support with how best to set up and use the software.


Anytime contact with your coach

Stay accountable with anytime email support from your cashflow mentor, including online video tutorials, education and tools via our Purpose Academy.

Wealth Mentoring

Wealth Basics

Wealth Accelerate

Wealth Increase


For those just starting out

$50 pm / $75 pm

 or $540 pa / $810 pa 

(incl GST)

Wealth Increase

Wealth Accelerate

Wealth Increase


For those wanting regular support


$200 pm / $250 pm
or $2,160 pa / $2,700 pa

(incl GST)

Wealth Accelerate

Wealth Accelerate

Wealth Accelerate


For more sophisticated strategies

$300 pm / $350 pm
or $3,240 pa / $3,780 pa

(incl GST)

Wealth Basics

Once you have a tailored life and financial plan for your wealth creation and personal goals, we can stay alongside you and meet with you annually to help you stay on track, whilst adjusting to changes and  taking advantage of opportunities which come your way. 

Financial Progress Meetings

 We aim to see all of our mentoring clients at least once each a year for your invaluable financial progress meeting. We look at each area of your financial life to review progress, manage risks and opportunities, track savings and cashflow, and tweak wealth creation strategies en route to your goals. 

Product-based commission rebates

We choose to pass on the benefits of any commissions or kickbacks we're offered by referral partners and product providers to you, our client! We believe in charging a straightforward fee for service, so we rebate all commissions we might receive to our financial mentoring clients.

In our view, product-based commissions can distort the alignment of our advice from your best interests. If you already have financial products with commissions attached to them, you might be entitled to have these commissions credited against the cost of any future mentoring services with us. All rebates are subject to ongoing mentoring fees being payable and will be credited annually in arrears against future service fees.

Wealth Increase

Our most popular ongoing mentoring service is our "Wealth Increase" program, designed for young singles, couples and families looking for ongoing support to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Any-time adviser access

 Let's face it, life changes. And when it does, you can have the confidence that we're just a phone call, an email or a video conference away. Our mentoring clients enjoy unlimited phone & email support for advice- and coaching-related enquiries, including changes to your income and circumstances, new investment opportunities, legislation updates and financial education enquiries.

Many of our clients arrange for video or phone check-ins with us throughout the year and also make use of our various one-off coaching sessions, curated to help address specific life and financial issues. Whatever your need, we're here to help.

Your "Financial Hub"

We provide our mentoring clients with a live and regularly updated snapshot of your entire financial position, including data feeds from your cashflow, investments and superannuation. This also doubles as a fantastic place to securely store all of your important financial information.

Wealth Accelerate

If you're a more proactive type who wants to take your wealth creation by the horns to accelerate your growth, especially for certain strategies involving geared investments or SMSFs, we offer additional support.

Complex Advice Strategies

Certain complex investment strategies which hold higher levels of risk or greater compliance requirements warrant more advisory support. There are a number of such complex strategies we offer, such as geared investments or SMSFs for which we can provide mentoring via our Wealth Accelerator service.

Investment Management Service (Optional Extra)

As an optional extra to our Wealth Accelerator service, we offer bespoke Investment Management of your investment portfolios, delivered by our PA adviser team and PA investment panel. Separate to financial mentoring where you remain the boss, our investment management service takes the role of actively managing your investments the aim of outperforming market competitors and achieving your personal wealth creation goals.

*Our investment management service  fee is calculated based on the amount of assets we manage for you, similar to other investment managers charge. For more details, please speak with your adviser at your next meeting or write to us.


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