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Tristan Scifo

Harry Goldberg

Harry Goldberg

 Hey, Tristan Scifo here – adviser, mentor & coach at Purpose Advisory, husband, dad and passionate equipper of people!

By far the best part of what I do for a living is seeing our clients arrive at a deeper understanding of their identity, and seeing them take action to achieve results they couldn’t
have dreamed of in the past!

I became a financial adviser in 2013 following a career in leadership training and an undergraduate in Actuarial Studies. I find that money cuts to the core of our hopes and fears in life, and talking about money is a potent gateway to uncovering our core beliefs and our life purpose.

Since launching Purpose Advisory in February 2018, I’ve been honing our services to deliver a fresh and super-effective combination of the best of financial advice with the most practical parts of life coaching. I believe anyone can benefit from our unique service and I’m passionate about giving more people access to it.

I draw inspiration both personally and professionally from various role models and sources. I’ve built my own dream team of personal mentors and coaches over the past few years, along with our business advisory board (all experts in their respective fields) and I also draw from numerous thought leaders, including Jordan Peterson, Tony Robbins, Esther Perel, John Gottman and Stephen R. Covey. I also collaborate closely with a hand-selected panel of professional partners who I share with my clients. And I draw many principles and core messages from my Christian faith, along with various cultural traditions.

You can find out more about my experience and background on LinkedIn.


Harry Goldberg

Harry Goldberg

Harry Goldberg

 Hi, Harry Goldberg here – adviser, mentor & coach at Purpose Advisory, loving husband and proud empowerer of all whom I engage with to grow and become greater versions of themselves.

My career in Finance began in 2012 after finishing my Bachelors of Commerce & Economics. After a period of time advising High Net Worth clients in Westpac Premium, it became apparent that to provide truly holistic advice in the way I see clients can benefit most, I needed to be free of the bureaucracy that comes with such large corporations.

Simply put, I have become immensely passionate about helping clients, not just with their investments or insurance products, but more so with helping them identify their goals and true purpose and empowering them to manage their finances to allow them to live the life they dream of.

Friends and family sometimes refer to me as a “knowledge accumulator” or a “personal devleopment addict”. There are so many resources out there in the world that it can be exceptionally difficult to cut through to what is helpful and what isn’t. I share my experiences, learnings and knowledge with clients to provide them with the most appropriate information and strategies to not only manage their finances the right way, but to mentor them to be empowered to know it for themselves.

This is what gets me out of bed each day – to bring more to the world than what I take.

You can find out more about my experience and background on LinkedIn.

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