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Our personality tool is more insightful than Myers-Briggs

It's more practical than DiSC

It's more consistent than the Big 5

And  we coach you through your results!

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Our personality typing and coaching clients discover newfound direct, clarity and passion for their careers. Understand what's holding you back in areas of your career and explore what you're best suited to do with your life. 


Almost every challenge or limitation we face boils down to how we operate in relationships. Understand what drives you, what makes you specifically different from those you love, and learn to work with your differences to strategise for success.

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Introducing: Objective Personality Typing


1. Record a Video of Yourself

1. Record a Video of Yourself

1. Record a Video of Yourself

Film yourself answering a list of questions we provide you. We'll have two of our personality experts watch this and each type you independently. If our experts both agree, you can be confident that your result is highly objective!


2. Receive Your Results

1. Record a Video of Yourself

1. Record a Video of Yourself

You receive a personalised video explainer of your official personality type, along with an written results pack, including education and further reading / watching. We also share can also access free education and other links to help you understand your "Objective Personality". 


3. Get Coaching & Action Plan

1. Record a Video of Yourself

3. Get Coaching & Action Plan

We take things a step further to ensure your result leads to positive change in your life. You receive discounted, face-to-face coaching to ensure you take action on your results and address the areas of your life that matter most to you.  


Typed by People, not Machines

 Robots don't yet understand you well enough to explain all of your intricate detail and complexity. Our professionals personality typing team independently determine your personality type form live video you record, and they cross-reference this with written answers you provide us. 


Objective, not Subjective

 Ever wondered if you are biasing your own personality results? How you you answer a personality a test will always affect the result, even if you're not aware you're doing it. Personality is never purely objective, but our rigorous typing process cuts through the subjectivity and helps you get a more objective and accurate outcome, which you can make good use of.


More than just a PDF

How many times have you finished a personality test and ended up with a much too lengthy PDF in your email box? Or worse, just a graph and a short blurb? Our objective personality clients receive a personalised video, recorded by our typing team, to explain and compliment your official written results. We also deliver a powerful, face-to-face 1hr personality coaching session to make sure you understand and take action on "where to from here" (regular ongoing coaching is also available).


Frequently Asked Questions

What personality framework do you use?

We use the Objective Personality (OP) methodology, developed by Dave & Shan Powers and a large team of online personality researchers, which the PA team is a part of.

(Here's a short video story about how Dave & Shan used objective testing  to refine the OP method into a highly useful framework: The Story of Objective Personality)

How many different personality types does OP have?

OP classes people into one of 512 unique categories. These categories are based on binary personality preferences (i.e. are you more this or that). Most other frameworks have less than 16 result categories, which is why they are often so generic. With 512 categories, your result can be much more precise and useful. Over time, the number of OP personality categories might increase, as we become clearer about other consistent, measurable human differences.

What is the OP framework based on?

OP is a powerful synthesis of previously existing personality frameworks, along with with some newly defined elements. The methodology employs the following ideas:

  • Cognitive Functions (by Carl Jung, and used as the core mechanics of the MBTI system)
  • The 6 Human Needs (by Tony Robbins)
  • Animal Behaviours
  • Sexual Energy
  • Communication Modalities 

How can I learn more about OP

We've created visual presentations and online training modules to ensure you understand the model deeply, along with your results. You'll get access to these as part of your personality typing and coaching package. You can also read more about Objective Personality from the OP home page, where you'll also find highlights from the research being done into OP types, behaviour trends and patterns in biology.

Can you help with with my other personality results?

Yes, our team is well-versed in many personality methodologies, including MBTI, 5 love languages, the Big 5, StrengthFinder, Enneagram, Saboteurs, the 6 Human Needs, DiSC and others. We see value in all of these and can discuss any of them in our coaching sessions with you.

How do I make use of my results?

As part of your results pack, you'll receive a personalised explainer video recorded by a member of our typing team who helped to assess your Objective Personality type. Your results will explain various facets of your personality, how this might have affected your life, career and relationships up until now, explain the drivers behind many of your actions, identify tendencies and behaviours to watch out for and risks to be mindful of, and share practical tips about how to work with your personality. 

What can I expect from my coaching session?

 Your coach help you to identify the habits and beliefs you want to work on, and guide you towards practical strategies and further learning to improve your personal life in the areas that matter to you.

The practical outcomes we typically see from our coaching sessions are:

  • Better understand why you act and think and feel in certain ways
  • Identify limiting beliefs which hold you back in areas of life
  • Identify personality weaknesses and blind spots to mitigate
  • Gain clarity on your strengths, and how to use these to achieve success
  • Develop learning & growth strategies which are tailored specifically for you
  • Better understand the causes of conflict and disconnection in your relationships
  • Identify practical strategies and exercised to overcome disconnection
  • Gain clarity on your purpose and desired vocation / career next-steps

Can I get additional coaching sessions if I want them?

Yes, 50min of one-to-one coaching in included as part of our personality typing service.  Additional coaching is charged at our standard rate of $220ph, or else you can access one of our discounted life mentoring packages for fixed-term ongoing coaching.

Typing + Coaching Package

Book in a time for our Personality Typing team to assess you personality. You'll need to give yourself enough time beforehand to record your 40-60min typing video and submit this to us. Once you book and pay, you'll receive an email with further instructions. 

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Prefer to be typed without the coaching?

Follow the link below to book our Objective Personality Typing (no coaching) service: 

Want to just learn about how this model works and what it's about?

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