Getting Started with Us

How do I find out more about the way you work?

Our Intro Call is just what you're looking for! We answer any question you might have about how we work, how we charge, the results we've had with our clients and what we do in our spare time. Make sure you prepare some grilling questions, because you financial advice really matters. You want to know that you can trust your adviser from the first time you talk with them. After this call, we can organise your complimentary 2hr face-to-face Discovery Meeting. That's where we get a chance to add some value to you before you decide to work with us

What's the catch with the free Discovery Meeting?

No catch. We like weekend markets and Froyo stands who offer free tasters and we thought it's only fair that we offer the same for financial advice & coaching, before you commit to work with us. Think of this as a first date, where it's our shout (if you'll allow us). No obligado.

How do I prepare for my Discovery Meeting?

Once you've booked your Discovery Meeting you'll receive an email confirming your booking and outlining your pre-work. Make sure you get onto your pre-work promptly to give yourself time to reflect and prepare. There'll be a short and inspiring clip to watch, and online survey to complete, and a budget worksheet to have a go at. Completing these tasks helps you to get clear on what you most need from us and helps us to make the most of our limited time together. 

Be sure to note down any specific or pressing questions you want to ask us. This time is our gift to you, so we'll do our best to answer what we can on the spot.

What are your fees?

We offer a range of services and make sure we've got something for all levels of affordability:


  • Our education portal has been sponsored and is completely free for anyone to enjoy via membership of our online Purpose Academy.
  • We also host live education workshops which range from $5-$30 per event.


  • Coaching sessions are 2hr face-to-face sessions with various pre-work and follow-up support, and range from $440 - $660
  • Advice services can range from $495 - $3,880, depending on the scope and complexity of the advice
  • Intro Packages range from $660 - $4,320, again depending on the scope and complexity of what you're looking for


  • Mentoring services range from $30pm for cashflow-only support, through to $300pm for our most comprehensive financial mentoring service
  • We also offer Investment Management services as a bolt-on, which will vary according to the amount of funds you'd like us to invest for you

For more details about our pricing, download our "PA Services Guide".

How is it possible to pay advice fees from super?

Certain clients might be able to pay a portion or the entirety of their financial advice, intro package and/or mentoring fees from the balance of their superannuation account.

There are strict rules which govern whether this is possible to pay financial advice fees from super, and also about how much might be allowed for any particular service. This will depend largely on how much of our advice relates to planning for your retirement. This is referred to as the “Sole Purpose Test”. It's important to note that some super funds don’t allow payments to be made from you super balance to cover the cost of advice fees even if it the law says it's possible. We can’t guarantee whether this will be possible until we get to know more about your situation and we determine what you would like us to do for you.

Working with us Long Term

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is when someone with expert knowledge and experience guides another person in certain areas of life, and this takes place in the context of a relationship.

We coach and advise people as a one-off, but we choose to mentor our clients who desire to work with us long term.  More than just our expertise and experience, we offer our personal insights, our guiding principles and we offer to walk alongside our clients towards their goals.

We offer various levels of mentoring services which differ according to price and involvement:

  • Cashflow Mentoring helps you devise a plan and stay on track to your income and savings targets, whilst designing a lifestyle which is built around your personal values. We help our clients leverage powerful cashflow analysis software and structure and manage their banking in a way that minimises stress and maximises confidence.
  • Financial Essentials Mentoring provides holistic support across your entire financial life. This includes annual financial Progress Meetings, coaching sessions, online education and tailored financial advice where relevant. We also provide powerful software to help manage and visualise your financial position and cashflow.
  • Financial Accelerator Mentoring provides a higher level of support than the Essentials plan, with a 6-monthly Progress Meetings and access to more complex investments strategies, including SMSF and geared investments. 

What is a Progress Meeting?

One of the most useful parts of our mentoring offering are our annual or 6-monthly Progress Meetings. These are 2hr face-to-face sessions where we recap on what's working, what isn’t working, savings, investments, property, business, and new opportunities, financial risks & looming threats, and re-envisioning and recasting your long term vision. We also work through a check-list to make sure every part of your financial life is being looked after and help you devise a set of actions to follow-through with.

Following your progress meeting you will receive a summary of your position, and often also receive advice on and changes that are required or new strategies that are to be actioned. Your Progress Meeting might just be the most productive meeting of your year!

About Our Advice

What investments can you advise on?

We're open to discuss any financial opportunity you come across, and we'll help you assess it on it's merits. Additionally, we're licensed to provide formal recommendations on most structured investment products. The common investments our clients are interested in include robo-advice products, direct shares, ETFs, managed funds, bonds, peer-to-peer lending, term deposits, cash, business opportunities and of course, property.

Any financial recommendations we give are approved by our licensee, AVALONfs. Avalon keep an "Approved Product Listing" (APL) of financial products which we can be confident to recommend at any time. If we provide advice on a product outside of this list, we are responsible for carrying our appropriate due diligence to Avalon's satisfaction.

How do your investment recommendations work?

Some people want us to tell them exactly where and how to invest their money, whilst others use us more as a sounding board for their decisions. Either way, we're not biased towards any particular investment product, and we don't take commissions from any specific investment products, nor referrals. Our approach is to educate you on what you need to know to make an informed investment decision, then coach you through identifying your goals and preferences, and share with you our research on the various options we consider with you. Our financial recommendations are spelled out in a Statement of Advice (SOA) we deliver to you and only when and if you agree will we work with you to put in place our recommendations.

You're never obliged to go ahead with our recommendations, but if something we advice doesn't suit you, we'll work with you to help determine another solution that suits you better.

Do you help with Superannuation & Insurances?

Yep. We'll always ask about how you're doing with your super and insurances and make sure your educated on what you need and what's available to you. Whenever we talk about superannuation and life insurance, just like with investments, it counts as "financial advice". This means we need to create a formal legal document any time we make recommendations about these. This is known as a Statement of Advice (SOA).

Where do you get your investment research from?

Our financial product research is based on Australian financial data authority, Lonsec's product rating system.  Anything Lonsec classes as “Recommended” or better is immediately included in our Approved Product List (APL). For products not on this list, we draw from a range of other sources, including Morningstar, ASIC, APRA and our various professional partners.

What are your beliefs about investing?

We lean on our own set of principles that underpin all of our investment advice. We believe the following: 

  • Purpose - The primary purpose of investing is to create value in the world
  • Education - Everyone is responsible for being adequately educated about what they invest in
  • Planning - Everyone should have their own personalised investment strategy before they begin investing
  • Values - Our investments should serve our values, our mission and our ideal lifestyle, not the other way around 
  • Ethical Investing - Everyone has an ethical view and should aim to express this through their investments
  • Good Assets - The key to successful investing is to collect “good assets”. These are those things which produce a positive income for you, grow over time and do good for the world
  • Good Debt - Although debt can be dangerous, it's possible to use debt in a healthy and responsible way for creating wealth, especially if you use this debt to purchase or fund good assets
  • Risk - All investments involve risk. Managing risk requires maximising the probability of achieving your desired outcome and planning for contingencies in the event this is not achieved
  • Savings - A regular savings plan is the life blood of any investment strategy
  • Property - Owning direct property is a cornerstone, but not the only important foundation for long term wealth creation
  • "Outsourced" Investments - As soon as you have enough money in your emergency fund you should be contributing to an outsourced investments which is easy to manage, well-diversified and incurs minimal fees
  • "Involved" Investments - Everyone should work towards creating one or more investments which they actively manage, using their strengths, relationships and passions to create wealth (e.g. building a business, or  property development) 
  • Business - Building a successful business which meets a need in society is the most rewarding way to make money
  • Index funds - Index funds are a simple, low cost and reasonably consistent long term investment solution
  • Active funds - It is possible for certain active fund managers to outperform the index over the long term, however it can be challenging to select these funds

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