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Feel You Can't Plan Your Ideal Life?

Hard to deal with money?

Making money mistakes?

Feel frustrated in life?

Not sure of your next steps?

Struggling on your own?

Hesitant to take action?




2x Full-Day Masterclasses


Immerse yourself in two full days of action-packed, life-changing education, planning and action taking for your future. Let us guide you to design and live your most fulfilled life.

Life & Financial Coaching


Get access to our most powerful tools and calculators, be guided through conversations which help you build your vision and strategy for your life, and access our expert financial advice.

Learn in Community


Learn and grow alongside a tight-knit group of like-minded peers. Leverage each others' strengths and experience, share support and celebrate the wins together.


Share Breakthroughs

Go on a practical journey of personal discovery and improvement with a small tribe of like-minded others.


Learn with Experts

Make the most of 2 full days spend side by side with 2 financial advice and life coaching experts, whilst utilising their powerful tools and resources.


Get Motivated Together

We're always better together. Learn from the triumphs and challenges faced by others and gain deeper insights from your shared experience.

What is this worth to me?

  • How much are your financial mistakes costing you? 
  • How many times have you avoided finances because it's just too difficult to deal with? 
  • How unclear are you on your future? 
  • How much of your investments and purchases actually go against your values
  • How many needless fights have you had about money? 
  • How much unnecessary stress do you deal with because of money?

A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Event Details

Two Consecutive Days. One Powerful Experience.

Saturday, 2/11/19

Day 1: Life Planning

9am - 4pm

Rose Bay, Sydney

+ Event Details

Saturday, 2/11/19

Day 1: Life Planning

Lunch & materials included

9am - 4pm

Rose Bay, Sydney

Saturday, 9/11/19

Day 2: Wealth Strategy

9am - 4pm

Rose Bay, Sydney

+ Event Details

Saturday, 9/11/19

Day 2: Wealth Strategy

Lunch & materials included

9am - 4pm

Rose Bay, Sydney


Life Planning

Day one is about creating a refined vision for your life by allowing yourself to dream again, challenging your limiting beliefs about money, and by getting practical about your income & spending.

 Build a detailed life plan for your next decade, upgrade your money psychology, refine your bank account structure, strategise how to increase your income, and learn the tips and traps about money management you wish you always knew. 


Wealth Strategy

Day two is where things get even more practical. We move you ahead of the pack by helping you to design a tailored wealth creation strategy you can lead yourself.

 Learn the art of passive investing, master your superannuation, manage your financial risks and identify the skills you need to learn to take charge of your wealth creation journey. 

Still unsure if this is for you?

Are you eager to be in charge of your money and to have a plan for your financial future?

Do you like the idea of seeking advice from experts, but don't want to loose control of your own money?

Maybe you've already done a money course online, or you've spoken with a financial adviser who you didn't really connect with, but still don't feel you're able to do it all by yourself?

You don’t have a lot of time on your hands between work, study, family, friends and working on your passions, but you know that your finances are vitally important?

Maybe, like us, you just wish you could trust people more easily in the financial services industry. You wish you could learn from professionals who are transparent about their motives and who empower you to stay in control, even when you need the help to get things done.

It is time to take action!

Once you’ve been a part of the Purpose Experience and you have planned out a life you truly love, we guarantee that you'll be feeling dramatically more confident in life. We also know that you'll be making better life decisions, and that you'll be in the position to decide just what money tasks you will outsource to professionals, and what you'll choose own for yourself.

Getting started can be so challenging when you don't know where to begin. But once you get the momentum going, planning your money and life decisions is simple. We help to get you off the runway and into the air with your planning, and we do it in a way you will enjoy - in community, with others just like you.


Request an invitation to be part of our next Purpose Experience event and we'll let you know how to apply for your life changing spot in the room. We only have a limited number of seats so we'll be accepting applications until the end of September 2019. 

Don't miss out. Make this your opportunity.

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